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Nope. Here at Second Sons, we've mastered the art of cloud collaboration. No matter your location, Second Son's puts your project first. Through video conferencing, screen sharing, and cloud based file sharing we create an experience tailored to your needs, anywhere. If you're more comfortable with a good ol' fashioned face to face consultation, we have representatives in Bellingham and Seattle Washington, ready to talk.

The solutions we offer cover such a wide range of projects, that it's hard to pin down our costs to a single number. If your project is relatively simple, you can expect to pay an amount around the numbers we have listed on our pricing page. If you're looking for something more specialized, involving advanced features, we're going to need to get a better idea of your needs, before we can estimate our costs.

Again this depends on what you're looking for. Basic domain registration, cloud hosting and support is going to cost you around $100 per month. If you need large complex databases, heightened security, and credit card processing, you should expect to pay a higher monthly hosting fee.